Latex Mattress – Why You Want One

At the end of a busy day, there is nothing more soothing than slipping into a bed with a latex mattress. You will instantly feel the stresses of your day disappear as you nestle into the comfort of this natural wonder. Latex foam is designed to contour to the curves of your body spreading your body weight over more of the bed’s surface. The latex mattress moves with you while providing the important orthopedic support your body needs while at rest.

Where does latex come from?
Latex is natural foam, which is tapped from the rubber tree found largely in the rain forest of South America. The wonderful thing about this resource is that the…
rubber tree is able to supply this natural latex without harm to the tree itself. This easily replenished source of income insures that the rubber trees in the rain forest will not be harmed and the beauty there can remain unchanged.

What are the benefits of latex foam?
The contouring property of latex minimizes the stress from the pressure points in your body providing you with a restful nights sleep. A latex foam mattress offers a structure with softness, which promotes proper spinal alignment. It also minimizes the motion transfer often experienced when sleeping with a partner. With a latex foam mattress you will not be disturbed through the night if your partner tosses and turns. Upon waking, you will emerge from bed minus the aches and pains often resulting from sleeping on a more conventional coil spring mattress. The “open cell” structure of latex foam allows the mattress to breathe which keeps the sleeping surface comfortably cool. Latex foam mattresses are naturally resistant to bacteria and mold, which reduces the presence of allergens.latex-mattress

Why should you switch to latex mattress?
A Latex mattress offers the most luxurious nights sleep you will ever have. More importantly, the natural features of latex help insure a restful sleep while providing the spinal support your body needs. Naturally keeping allergens and bacteria at bay, latex promotes good health and well being. Next to proper diet and adequate exercise, the quality of sleep you get is critical to your overall health.

So slumber like you are in the rain forest on a latex foam mattress. Your body and mind deserve it!


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