Installing an Expandable Pool Liner

If you are like many others, you have probably heard the term expandable pool linerbut aren’t quite sure what it means. Simply put, this is the solution to your depth problems. Most people buy a best above ground pool based on price and needs. A shallower pool will typically cost a lot less and you probably don’t think you need something deeper. On the other hand, some purchase a shallow one because they have young children and have no need for something so deep.

Whatever the case is, digging a deep end and adding an expandable pool liner can add as much as three extra feet in depth to your current pool! That probably sounds a lot better than buying an entirely new pool right?
These types of liners basically install similar to other overlapping varieties. You can handle doing the project without hiring someone but you certainly will need some help from friends.

Prepping the Pool

The first step in installation is removing the current liner that you have. Since an expandable pool liner can only be used on an above ground pool with a deep end, you need to remove the railing, U-channels and face plates to get the old liner off. Old pool liners should be disposed of with a recycling company; you can store yours in the garage while waiting for a pick up.

Now, the walls and ground need to be smooth. Assuming you already have a deep end, you will replace any sand that has algae. If you are having a deep end added, you will do this now. To ensure a smooth installation, any patches of rust must be sanded smooth and foam wall should be applied where needed.


An expandable pool liner can be one of the hardest to install because of the depth variation. When the pool has been prepared, you’ll unroll the liner on the grass and fold the sides to create a long cigar shape. Before you drag this liner, make sure you inspect edges of the pool and any rough or sharp areas that could rip or poke a hole in the liner should be taped.

Place the liner over the pool and then walk around from post to post, pulling the liner up just a tiny bit at a time. It is not uncommon to find yourself a little more than halfway around the pool to discover you’ve run out of liner. This is why an expandable pool liner should only be installed on a sunny day; the sunshine will soften it just enough so you can stretch it a bit.
Once you get the liner tight, start at the beginning and get it even tighter. Eventually, you will be able to pull the liner above the railing.

Filling the Pool

You may already know that an expandable pool liner is prone to wrinkling so the process of filling it back up with water has to be slow and monitored. The letting down process is directly opposite of what you’ve been doing. Every 15 to 20 minutes, you will need to go around the pool from post to post to release just a little bit of pressure. You want to give the liner a little slack but at the same time, you want it to remain tight.


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